Is there another program that you are interested in?                                                   Please let us know, we most likely qualify for that also! 

Many of these programs ask for a license number or other facility information when you are filling out an application. Please call us with questions or for advice on getting started!!

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San Diego Childcare Refferals  -  YMCA R&R (description coming)

Child Care Payment Assistance Programs

Child Development Assessment & Resources

YMCA Payment Assistance Programs:  When you fill out the YMCA's Childcare Alternative Payment (AP) program application, it is submitted to mulitple organazitions. Click YMCA Program to access their website and learn more.     

CDA Payment Assistance Program:  CDA helps San Diego families pay for high quality reliable childcare.  Click CDA Program to access their website and learn more.

Child Care Aware Military Payment Assistance Program: (Formally known as NACCRRA) This program offers fee assistance to Childcare Programs that have met and maintain the highest levels of care based on nation-wide standards. All Military families and some DOD civilians qualify. Click Child Care Aware Program to access their website and learn more.

YMCA Military Family Support: Ymca helps military families who have children with disabilities and special needs by providing up to 40 hours per month of respite care services. Click YMCA Respite Care to access their website and learn more.

This page is meant to highlight child information that is of use to all families.

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Childcare Refferals

Resoures for San Diego Families

Vision Check for children under 18 year old

Starting Your Search for the Right Childcare

Here is a checklist of helpful items to consider when searching for childcare. While all aspects are of great importance, one category that I have found to be invaluable is finding a person that you can develop a close parent/provider relationship with. When talking with perspective caregivers, keep in mind that you will be sharing your daily life with each other and open communication is essential in meeting the changing needs of your child. With this, it is important that you choose the care setting that feels comfortable for you and your family, and a caregiver that you feel comfortable talking with openly.

San Diego Childcare Refferals  - explain/describe YMCA R&R

Health and Safety

□ Is there an evacuation plan in case of emergency?
□ Are there safe pickup/drop-off procedures?
□ Are there caregivers on-site trained in first aid and CPR?
□ Are outdoor play areas safe and fenced in?
□ Are the menus nutritious and food choices varied?
□ Do caregivers follow hand-washing procedures?

Teachers and Staff

□ Are teachers trained for the age group that they teach?
□ Can you tell children are learning in the environments             provided?
□ Do teachers interact with children-both in small and large       group activities?
□ Do you feel comfortable with the person who will take             care of your child?
□ Do you feel the caregiver will partner with you in
   meeting your child's changing needs?
□ Do you feel you could speak openly with the caregiver             about anything concerning you?


□ Is the space used for care well organized with separate           areas designated for play, meals, and rest time?
□ Are materials arranged at the children's level to promote
   self-help skills?
□ Are the opportunities for children to experience various         colors, textures, and sounds?
□ Is space available for large and small motor skill activities?


□ Is the day planned with your child in mind?
□ Is the program adaptable for various levels of                             development?
□ Do children engage in a variety of activities throughout the     day?
□ Do children learn social skills-such as sharing, taking turns,
   and getting along with others?
□ Do children have ample time to play and explore?
□ Is play used as a way to learn?

Infants and Toddlers

□ Are there individual sleeping space for each child?
□ Are there guidelines for sanitizing toys and surfaces?
□ Are the toys safe?
□ Is the day structured to meet your child’s needs?
□ Are play & daily routines used as opportunities for                   nurturing and learning?
□ Do the toys and materials offer interesting and challenging
□ Is the environment cozy and familial?

Preschool and Pre-K

□ Does the curriculum prepare your child for school?
□ Is quality literature used in the classroom each day?
□ Are children read to often?
□ Are writing materials available?
□ Are there opportunities for group & individual learning?
□ Do children get a wide range of hands-on learning                     experiences?

Here's an article about narrowing down your childcare search:

This event will take place at several clinics throughout the San Diego County and FREE dental screenings, sealants and fluoride varnish will be provided to all children ages 0-18. For 2021, the program will run between the dates of February 22 – March 19. This is an anual event.

Dental Check for children under 18 year old

Giving children the vision they need to succeed in school and in life by identifying, treating and preventing vision disorders through: Vision Screening, The EyeMobile for Children, Outreach and Education, Early Child Development Research.

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And here's a checklist to help you with your childcare search:

Community Health and Resource Fair - For All Ages

1st Wednesday of every month.