At Cuddles Academy we
Build Self-Help Skills while focusing on Social Emotional Development.
~*~ Children in care are encouraged to complete tasks as they're able. 

Every time a child is present in the moment and participating in a skill they are internalizing and making new connections to the world around them.

Cuddles Academy's Curriculum

What this means for Your Child:
This is Preschool!! 
Our goal is to foster the development of a young child's creative thinking skills by giving them meaningful opportunities to experiment, explore, question, and discover.
Promoting ongoing learning through everyday tasks builds knowledge and connections to the world.
This is what early education is about!
As caregivers it's our job to build on the teachable moments...The child's job is to PLAY.
Our focus is hands-on learning through play...for the children.
But the adults are being mindful to "check off" all the boxes for Kindergarten Prep.

The most important Kindergarten Readiness Skills are being able to: 

Interact with peers

Regulate emotions

Dress self (put on own shoes/coat)

Engage & focus for short periods in group activities (art time or story time)

Children will learn through direct experiences engaging with their environment, peers, and adults.

Cuddles Academy Childcare's environment is rich with opportunities to explore and question.

As children grow, their curiosities will spark a natural interest in

letters, numbers, writing, making patterns, and understanding the world around them.

(Learning happens when you're interested...not when you're told it's time.)


Cuddles Academy Childcare's environment is set up to spark curiosity with materials on hand to inspire and build upon your child's interests.

(If a child has demonstrated that they are able to accomplish a task we will assist, but will not do it for them.)
~*~ These skills will then be built upon.
         (We focus on independently completing the little tasks throughout each day because they connect together                     making stepping stones that lead to even bigger accomplishments.)
on our friends and the world around us.
~*~ Growing independence is balanced with learning to help each other and understanding the affect we have 
Peer interaction is key in sparking iterest in previously unseen/unexplored areas ... incorperates

This page describes the structure of our Preschool Program.

Here are some extra notes to break down the points of focus:

Remember: Our focus is hands-on learning through play... For The Children.

But the adults are being mindful to "check off" all the boxes of Kindergarten Prep.

Ask about our Child Development Checklists during your Tour! 

   It is not what you do for your children, but what you have taught them to do for themselves, that will make them successful human beings.         -Ann Landers

Cuddles Academy Self-Help Skills

We have a PDF that is an in-depth look at promoting new independent skills!! 

Click here --►Building Indepedence at Cuddles Academy

Make sure to check out the last page for consistency & mindset suggestions to help along the way! 

During my 20+ years in early childhood education it's been apparent that there is value in all different methods and styles of teaching. It is for this reason that we incorporate many styles of teaching in our curriculum. It has consistently been shown that play is a child's best teacher and our program is focused on assisting children as they explore the world around them, but there is also a place for pre-planned projects and even worksheets to be incorporated when exploring and practicing certain new skills.

The current trend of the Montessori method focuses strongly on the individual child - working with them to explore and accomplish achievements based on their individual skill level. We embrace this concept and maintain a focus on the individual child's needs through our small group size, but our program is more strongly influenced by the Reggio Emilia style of learning. The biggest aspect that Reggio Emilia brings to our program is a greater focus on the community. The concepts of this method center around children of all different skill levels working together and helping each other to achieve goals. This promotes teamwork, while empowering the individual child to recognize the impact that they can have on the community they are in. Our program's structure is filled with opportunities for a child's individual goals to be explored and accomplished during group activities. Using this method not only gives the children the opportunity to work together, but also to teach each other along the way. ♥ After all, there is nothing more empowering than recognizing that you helped another person to succeed.